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Become fluent in improvisation / harmony

Do you feel stuck? Overwhelmed by all the info that's out there? Do you get in your head and playing/practicing feels dreadful?

I used to suffer a lot from overthinking while performing. I also didn't believe I could get to a certain level if I didn't practice for 5 hours a day. I was wrong. being a huge nerd of the psychology of improvisation, the art of learning, and the beauty of music, I developed a system where you could only practice 1 minute a day and see tremendous improvement.

I've taught beginners as well as professional celebrity musicians. everyone is shocked by their progress. I would love to share all my knowledge with you.

Please hit me up on this form with your email address. We will schedule a time to start. these are my rates:

FREE 15m 1 on 1 introduction convo/consultation/goal setting.

$150 per one-hour lesson which includes a video of the hands at the end with homework/concepts

$400 for a begginer 3-lesson pack

$650- 5-lesson pack

Book a Lesson with Eitan Kenner

Available for in-person lessons as well in Washington Heights, NYC

For any other inquiries -

gimme ur number and I'll txt you

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